VIRTUAL TOUR Christendom

"The origins of apostate Christendom [1 Tim. 4:1]":

"The origins of apostate Christendom [1 Tim. 4:1]": Learn about the rise of apostate Christendom from the 1st to the 4th century C.E. including information about Ancient Greece, its philosophers and pagan worship. Discover the links between ancient pagan rituals and modern religious beliefs. Also learn more about the role of persecution in establishing the apostasy, as well as the role of Roman emperor Constantine.

Estimated duration: about 1 hour
Available in English
Every Thursday (19:00 pm GMT) or private arrangement for groups
Please Note:
(1) A minimum of 4 zoom connections of participants is necessary for the above described scheduled tours
(2) Virtual tours for groups can also be arranged anytime including weekends